If you are the first ESS responder on-site (or one of the first) you are in charge until a more experienced or designated management team member arrive on-site. There are a few things that you can do to get started no matter what your designated role is (your local authority’s ESS plan will have more details specific to your community):

  • Report in to the ESSD/ESS Branch Coordinator in the EOC, if activated
  • Wear your ESS ID (green vest, name tag, local and/or provincial/territorial ID card)
  • Check for any on-site instructions, if at a facility, e.g., legend, ESS floor plans, locations of ESS kits and equipment, how to make coffee, etc.
  • Display the task/tracking number, if known
  • Locate RC kit, if site is at a RC
  • Put out the (EMBC) Task Registration Form & sign in
  • Put up organization chart (not in view of the public)
  • If necessary, locate chairs and tables and if able, set-up waiting area, functions by section or primary functions workstations based on the site plan
  • Once an ESS responder with more knowledge/experience arrives, discuss with them if it would be more appropriate for them to take over until the  Manager or designate arrives
  • If another ESS responder takes over, then give them a situation update